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PopsGaloreandMore is proud to offer you collectibles at affordable prices, shipped with the collector in mind and lightning fast! Thank you for supporting small business!


What Are Funko POPs?

Funko POP! figures, also known as pop vinyls, is a line of collectible, licensed characters from various movies, television, books, games, sports clubs, etc that stand around 4" tall and are known for their exaggerated oversized heads and large eyes.


These fun collectibles have become the passion of both children and adults alike.  Being a collectible item, there are Funko POP! figures worth their retail price only and others that have risen into the hundreds and thousands of dollars.  Regardless of the ultimate price or figure, they are often priceless in the eyes of the fan.  To many, it's about the nostalgia and passion for certain characters or entire lines.  For example, the Ad Icons line, celebrating pop culture figures from advertising and restaurant lines, is extremely popular among collectors.

If you have a favorite franchise of any sort, chances are good that Funko has or is planning to release POPs for it.

PopsGaloreandMore is here to help you start or complete your personal collection of Funko POPs.  We're happy to help!

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About Us

PopsGaloreandMore was created from a deep passion for collecting and evolved into a small business to help fellow collectors such as ourselves grow and finish their collections with our passion and care at the forefront for your products.

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